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A full service catering company serving all of Volusia County and surrounding areas, our team is capable of expertly serving all manner of events. Laubster’s Catering is unique in our ability to fit perfectly into any type of setting - to provide just the right service and cuisine to ensure that our customers are stress-free and happy.

We Cater To You!

We will develop a plan tailored to your event, location, preferences, and budget. Owner, J.R. Laub has developed his own set of fundamental guidelines for the way that he runs his business; he always uses the freshest ingredients, makes everything from scratch without taking shortcuts, and he treats each event that he caters as if it were for his own family.

The forethought and planning that goes into each engagement is obvious in the final product. Everything is prepared beforehand so that our client is stress-free and able to enjoy their event. J.R. spends days making shopping lists, reviewing recipes, determining the best presentation for each dish, shopping for the best ingredients, and scheduling serving staff. It is this attention to detail that makes Laubster’s Catering truly one of a kind; J.R. truly cares and wants to make sure that your occasion is seamless and memorable.

Arguably, one of the most important components of any event is the food. It leaves a lasting impression on guests, helps set the tone of the engagement, and always comes up in conversation in the days to follow. J.R. Laub understands this, and guarantees great food, hearty portions, and friendly, capable staff. Whatever type of fare you choose from our extensive menu - it will be fresh food that you’ll be proud to serve.

About Chef J.R. Laub

Laubster’s Catering is the physical manifestation of the ingenuity and dedication of owner, J.R. Laub. With a degree in Sports Management from the University of Florida, J.R. began his career in 2005 with the Daytona Cubs - the minor league affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. He was charged with providing a nutritious lunch and dinner to 60 athletes every day, while working within a somewhat meager budget. J.R. loved his job - forming close friendships and spending time with star players such as .

In turn, the baseball players LOVED his cooking - so much so, that when one of his Cubs got traded to the Blue Jays - he didn’t want to give up J.R.’s delicious meals. On the day that the player returned to Daytona to play for the opposing team, he called J.R. personally and requested one of his delicious cheeseburgers. While J.R. was thankful for the compliment and wanted to help his old friend, it just wasn’t feasible for him to provide his services for a single lunch. Instead of conceding, the player called back a short time later to let him know that he had checked with the entire team, and that they “were in.” J.R. cooked for the whole visiting team that day, marking the very beginning of his catering services. Once word got out about his nutritious and mouth-watering food, it wasn’t long before each opposing team began calling ahead requesting to be fed.

Encouraged by the incredible reviews from all of the players, along with the support of his family and friends, J.R. decided to expand his catering business once the baseball season ended. Laubster’s Catering is now available to serve all of Volusia County and its surrounding neighbors. The experience and connections that he’s gained along the way have molded J.R. into an amazing chef, and an efficient, reliable caterer.

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Real Food

Our talented team uses only the freshest ingredients to create delicious food from scratch.

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Friendly Staff

We love what we do and it shows. Our team members are more than coworkers; they’re family.

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Hearty Portions

We work within your budget to choose ingredients that fit your needs, without sacrificing size or flavor.


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